Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hi Everyone

The creator of the blog invited me to start blogging for his site and I said I am for sure in. I will tell you a bit about myself, and do some real blogging later. I am in the middle of exams at University of Guelph so kinda busy right now. I been a hockey fan for as long as i know, I  think since I was born. No one is a hockey fan really in my family except me.  I remember by first game was in the Forum with my cousin and he bought me habs PJs which the top is on a teddy bear which i got when I was young. I remember the tremblay era god that was bad. You open The Gazette and instead of seeing a picture of the habs you see Tremblay biting his tie or something. Then there was Houle who would flip flop between rebuilding and going for the that year. Then the Roy incident, thank god i was young because if I was older I do not know what I would have done.

I am currently in Ontario, and I follow the habs as much as I can. I read hockey everyday and crave too know as much as I can. Usually hockey takes me away from studying. I read up about every team. So I know what is happening through the whole NHL.

For something quick as my first post and would be weekly I will do a weekly North East Ranking on the week they had. So let me begin starting Dec. 1st ending this Sunday Dec. 7th:

1.  Boston - they are still having playing strong and has not tampered off from beginning of November. They have a few small injuries to Sturm but nothing to one of there big players. Both of there goalies are playing phenomenal, I do not see them trading Fernandez anytime soon. Lucic is playing amazing and is really having a year playing physical and putting in the goals.

2. Montreal - Finally looking back in form. They had 2 wins and 1 OTL. Beat Atlanta but a near loss after Atl tied the 3-0 game in the 3rd in 1 less than a minute, thankfully Montreal prevailed. The came all out and dominated the Rangers. which played the night before. Then a OTL to NJ which went to OT due to a soft goal let in by Price. Montreal lines are clicking 5 on 5 and even though Kovalev is on a slump he is getting assists which is nothign wrong with that. Komisarek coming back would make even better.

3. Ottawa - There first line is finally back together and Spezza got a hattie against the Pens. There two wins last week cannot be said they are back on track. They beat Atlanta which they shoulld have if they did not something would have happened in Ottawa. While beating Pittsburgh is an acomplishment which I am not taking away but they are wrecked in the back end and this would be the time you would want to play them with out Fleury, Whitney and Gonchar....and now well Gill. I would not take any of the J-Bo to Ottawa seriously who in Ottawa does Florida really want...

4. Buffalo - Been playing poorly latley and need to find there game quickly. Had a promising beginning of the season but since November it went down year and they ran out of the winning fumes from October. They were 1-2 last week and got shutout in one of there losses to Nashville to the rookie Pekka Rinne. They are missing there transitional game. They are missing Soupie and they need a player to replace him via "A" or trade. Until then unless they can get some help from forwards to bring it up and chip the puck to Vanek they will be playing like this and Ottawa could pass them.

5. Toronto  - Last week they were on there Western swing. Where they won 1 out of 3 to the worse team out of the 3. Played LA, Phx and SJ. They were out of the SJ as soon as the puck was dropped but who was expecting them to come out and win, if they did would have been a big win for them, bigger than the Detroit win.  Being really it was only the first period which they lost. They beat LA in the first game after being down 1-0 until the 3rd. Last game was 6-3 loss to the Coyotes which they loss in the 3rd was close until then. They would need a stronger game fron Toskala. The bright spot was Blake having a 3-pointer last week and just saying had one this week also. 

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