Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Sens GM story

First off, I'm glad to join this site as the Sens blogger and I hope all of you enjoy my blogs.

But I'll stop wasting your time on to the blog-

Well the Sens are four points out of last place in the league with 32 points and looks like they will contend with the Thrashers, Lightning and Islanders for the battle of Tavares and Hedman.

This time last year there was lots of talk of fans wanting the Leafs to tank so they can draft Stamkos or Doughty, well they ended up with Schenn, who has worked out great for them so far. But my point is leafs nation was split between cheering for a playoff berth and cheering for the leafs to tank. So my question is whats the feeling in Sens Nation?

Myself, even as a longtime Sens fan, I can only hope for a major shake-up for this organization, every game I cheer for a Sens win, but I am realistic. This team needs to have an infusion of youth and new talent.

While I truly believe Hartsburg and his staff is the right team for the job, I think it might be time to let Murray go.

Right now there is tons of talk around the SBP that Melnyk and Murray aren't seeing eye to eye.

There is huge talk that Melnyk won't let Murray make a trade, and on the other side there's talk that Melnyk is pressuring Murray to make a move now. So either way Murray and Melnyk aren`t on the same page and something has to give. Obviously Melnyk isn`t going anywhere and that Murray has fallen out of grace in Melnyk`s eyes.

So it really is a matter of time before Murray is on the outside looking in. Talk to anyone working in SBP, Sens organization and Kanata and they will tell you one of the 2 situations.

There is a chance Murray stays on till the end of the year, but my assumption is a new GM will be in place before the draft. So who is a possible replacement? Well there are several that come to mind that would be a great fit.

Pat Quinn - I'm not a big fan of Quinn based on his history in Toronto, and while I do discredit his international achievements because its really hard to lose on international ice with the mass talent available in Canada and he would have lost if not for the inexperience of the Russian Kids and coaching staff. But if history shows anything the winning world junior coaches go to the NHL pretty quick i.e. Sutter and Hartsburg. Quinn has the numbers and experience to reshape a broken Sens Club

Pat Burns - Based solely on the rumour that he's itching to get back into the NHL, while he has more experience coaching, he may have enough knowledge from the sidelines to rebuild. He is a great hockey mind and he may be just what the Sens Army needs.

Doug MacLean - The man who commanded the ship in Columbus during the early years and was fired when Columbus couldn't get the job done. While he isn't a trade wizard, he is a great hockey mind and very talented when draft day comes around.

Jim Rutherford - Is available when this season ends, like MacLean, Rutherford has great hockey sense and was the runner-up for the Toronto gig. What better way to show the world Toronto made the wrong decision by leading their rival against them.

Steve Yzerman - While I doubt he's on the list, I figured I should put him on the list because he is a future GM.

Jay Feaster - The odd man out in Tampa, he's been through the same situation in Tampa as Ottawa is in now, unfortunately he got the axe before he could finish his plans. The plus to Feaster is he had a plan in place to fix Tampa, so he could make it work in Ottawa.

Ken Holland - Now before Red Wing fans harp on me, this is only based off of Holland being in Ottawa for the WJC and meeting casually with Melnyk during that time.
So what are your thoughts on the situation in Ottawa? Is tanking for the best? What have heard Ottawa fans? Who would you like to see running Ottawa?

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